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Whistler Second Home Survey

Blog by Nick Swinburne | October 26th, 2010

Recently Whistler sent out an e-mail survey to its second-home customers and clients in regards to their Whistler experience as both owners and visitors. This survey serves two purposes; first to help understand what attracts home buyers to Whistler today and in the future, and second to provide these results to the major decision makers in town (RMOW, TW, WB and the Chamber of Commerce) to assist them in the development of future plans with some perspective from this large, but largely unrepresented homeowner group.

According to the survey:

-More than 50 per cent of you spend in excess of 25 days a year in Whistler
-That you rate your visitor experience quite high compared to other resorts you have visited
-Would like to be more proactively engaged in community decisions
-And would like to see the local economy further diversified in a manner that is compatible with tourism and our environment.

One of the first positive results from this effort is that the RMOW has agreed to hold a meeting to present the development of the Official Community Plan in Vancouver in November. For those who are interested please contact me for more information on this very important meeting.

If you are a second homeowner in Whistler and have not completed the survey, please follow this link to do so: