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WHA waitlist cut in half

Blog by Nick Swinburne | December 21st, 2010

The waitlist to purchase employee-restricted housing in Whistler has been reduced to about half and wait times are expected to be drastically reduced.

In fact, the 350 households currently on the waitlist have the opportunity to buy about 14 units presently for sale — although most are three-bedroom homes, which haven't been in high demand recently, said Marla Zucht, general manager of the Whistler Housing Authority (WHA).

The WHA recently completed its annual waitlist confirmation process and the list went from 638 households to 350. The reduction was expected, Zucht said.

“So many of the people (previously on the list) have transitioned into Cheakamus Crossing and Rainbow, so we knew that there was going to be a lot of those new purchasers coming off,” she said.

Before this year, it took an average of two years or more for waitlisters to purchase a resident-restricted home in Whistler. Now it should be less than a year, Zucht said, adding that someone new to town with confirmed employment and qualified to buy could conceivably purchase a WHA unit upon moving to the resort.

Of the 350 current waitlisters, 45 per cent already own a WHA unit but are waiting to trade for something larger or smaller within the 850 total restricted units now in Whistler. Even the 190 or so remaining households waiting to get into the WHA market for the first time have been given at least one opportunity to buy to date.