New to Canada, Non-Permanent Resident & Non-Resident

A new-to-Canada applicant is someone who has obtained permanent resident status or landed immigrant status within the last 36 months. Employment, income and taxes are all earned & declared in Canada.

A non-permanent resident is someone who is living, working and filing taxes in Canada with all the appropriate & necessary work visa documentation in place. These applicants may be here with an intention to apply for permanent resident or landed immigrant status in the future, or they are temporarily re-located to Canada for a specific period of time for work purposes.

A non-resident is someone who is earning their income and filing their taxes outside of Canada. As long as the income is being declared outside of Canada, applicants are viewed as non-resident without exception.

Available financing & paperwork needed for new-to Canada & non-permanent residents:

Up to 95% financing is available for new-to-Canada applicants with CMHC insurance.

Confirmation of permanent resident or landed immigrant status.

Other documents as outlined below.

For the CMHC information sheet for Newcomers & Non-Permanent Residents, click here.

Available financing & paperwork needed for non-residents:

Please note that upon review of any application and for bank approval and/or qualification, more documentation may be requested.