Property Types

Whistler and Pemberton are very unique in that there are several different property types available for purchase in these areas. The list below provides a broad overview of these.  Please contact me if you have any questions on these and we can determine the best type of property for you.


Standard residential properties are predominantly found in the subdivisions surrounding Whistler and Pemberton. These can be condo's, townhomes, duplexes and single family homes. Some may contain revenue generating rental suites and the zoning for these homes allows for monthly rental and/or full owner use.


Nightly rental properties in Whistler are comprised of 2 types: Phase I and Phase II


Phase I properties offer the greatest use flexibility. They offer the option of nightly, weekly, monthly rentals and/or full owner use. Owners who decide to use their phase I property for nightly rentals have the option to self manage the property (marketing, bookings and cleaning) or can choose to utilize a property management company to handle some or all of these. The majority of Phase I properties can be found in Whistler Village, the Benchlands on Blackcomb and Creekside base. Phase I properties can be either Condos or Townhouses.


Phase II properties typically constitute the hotel style of property we find in the Village. While these too are freehold, full ownership properties, there is a restriction on the number of days an owner can use their unit. When an owner is not using their unit, it is placed in a nightly rental pool to generate revenue and is managed by an on-site rental company. Phase II properties include the Delta Whistler Village Suites, the Westin, Pan Pacific, Cascade Lodge and Four Seasons.


Fraction or Shared ownership encompasses timeshare through to 1/4 share ownership. Timeshare gives an owner 1 week a year (typically the same week every year) and 1/4 share offers 1 week a month. 1/4 share is based on a rotational schedule which will guarantees an owner a Christmas or New Year's week once every four years. When not being used for personal use an owner may rent their week out. Fractional ownership offers a good foot in the door to the local Whistler market with the potential to generate revenue.

As you can see, there are a variety of property types to choose from. Contact me to learn more about the one that would work best for you.